Sequence recorder

Cobalt’s Sequence Recorder is a browser plugin that records your actions in the browser. This can specifically help you with setting up an authenticated target. These actions will then be replayed by the scans when trying to authenticate to the target.


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Once installed, click on Cobalt’s extension icon, a small window will pop up. Type in there the URL of the target that you’d like to add authentication to and click Start Recording

Click Start recording

You’ll see a red dot (🔴) in the tab title, meaning that it’s recording. Perform the necessary actions to authenticate. Once done, click on the extension icon again and click Stop Recording.

Click Stop recording

A new tab will appear. You can either copy the sequence to the clipboard or download it as a file.

Get the sequence

You can now go to your target settings on Cobalt and paste or upload the sequence there.

Once those steps are completed, scans against this target will try to authenticate using these steps.

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Last modified March.03.2024