Pentest Management Platform

Manage your in-house pentests on the Cobalt platform.


With the Pentest Management Platform (PMP), you can launch and manage your in-house pentests with Cobalt. Set up a pentest, invite your own pentesters, and analyze pentest results in one place—on the platform you already know.

You can run in-house pentests with pentesters of your choice: from your organization, a third-party company, or both. Cobalt pentesters are not involved in the testing process.

Introducing the Pentest Management Platform

Penetration testing is a critical component of an enterprise’s security program. Most often it’s accomplished through a combination of internal red team engagements and third-party testing. This joint approach forces security teams to juggle a myriad of data and tools, resulting in inconsistent processes and results. Before organizations look to scale their offensive security, they need to address these inefficiencies.

Enter Cobalt. We built our award-winning platform for pentesters, covering the entire lifecycle of a pentest from planning, launching, and collaborating on tests to writing reports, tracking vulnerabilities, and remediation efforts. We are now opening up our pentest management technology used by over 400 pentesters worldwide to customers with in-house testing teams.

The Cobalt Pentest Management Platform is designed to increase the efficiency and quality of your in-house pentests. This solution enables security teams to:

  • Visualize your end-to-end pentest program in a single platform
  • Reduce administrative work for faster turnaround times and remediation efforts
  • Integrate findings into your SDLC via Jira and GitHub, or use the Cobalt API
  • Standardize reporting with customizable and automated templates
  • Track program improvements by leveraging ongoing test data and analytics

What’s Your Role?

Pentest Manager

I manage and collaborate on pentests for my organization.

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In-House Pentester

I perform pentests for my organization.

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Run an In-House Pentest (For Managers)

Learn how to launch an in-house pentest on the Cobalt platform.

Complete an In-House Pentest (For Pentesters)

Learn how to complete an In-House Pentest as a pentester.

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Last modified April.04.2023