Integrate with Azure DevOps

Connect your Azure DevOps environment to your Cobalt Organization in order to use the integration to sync pentest findings as work items.

Set Up Connection

As an Organization Owner or Member, you can set up a connection to your Azure DevOps environment by:

  1. In Cobalt, go to Integrations > Azure DevOps Boards.
  2. On the Connection tab, click Add Connection.
  3. In the Configure Connection with Azure DevOps Boards form of the overlay, enter:
    • OAuth 2.0 grant type
    • Organization: Your Azure DevOps Organization ID ({yourOrganization})
    • API Version: 7.0
    • Username: Your account email address in Azure DevOps
    • Personal Access Token: Your Azure DevOps personal access token
  4. Click Connect, then Done.

Return to the Cobalt app, and check the integration status. You should see Integration Status: Connected on the Azure DevOps Boards > Connection page.

When you’re done, configure the integration for specific pentests.

Update Connection

To update your Azure DevOps connection:

  1. In Cobalt, go to Integrations > Azure DevOps Boards > Connection, and click Manage Connection on the top right.
  2. Click Disconnect to turn off your existing connection.
  3. Update configuration parameters as needed, following the steps in Set Up Azure DevOps Connection.

Delete Connection

You can delete the integration with Azure DevOps.

  1. In Cobalt, navigate to Integrations > Azure DevOps Boards, and select Manage Connection.
  2. In the overlay that appears, click Delete and confirm.

Here’s what to expect once you’ve deleted the connection:

  • Data synchronization between Cobalt and Azure DevOps stops.
  • All Azure DevOps configurations for specific pentests are deleted. If you decide to reestablish the connection, you need to reconfigure the integration for each pentest.
  • Any previously created work items will remain in Azure DevOps.

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Last modified October.10.2023