Getting Started

How to get started with Cobalt.

Visualize your journey with Cobalt, and launch your first pentest to make your security stronger.

Take your first steps to get started:

Prepare for a Pentest

Pentest Preparation Checklist »

  • Make your teams aware of the upcoming pentest.
    • Notify everyone who should be aware of the pentest. Ensure that the pentest doesn’t disrupt anyone’s workflows.
    • Prepare credentials and account details for pentesters.
  • Be responsive to pentest results.
    • Pentesters will share vulnerabilities (findings) that they discover in real time. Start remediating them. Collaborate on the pentest and ask questions if you need help.
  • Be available to help find solutions to problems.
    • Most of the time pentesters are cautious and don’t perform any actions that have detrimental effects on your software. However, as a precautionary measure, you should prepare for the worst. Prepare a backup copy of your software (especially when testing a production environment), and have a team ready to respond to any unexpected events.
    • Establish communication with pentesters in Slack, and let them know you are there—available and responsive.
  • Communicate significant changes to your environment made during a test to pentesters.
    • If you make significant changes to your environment during a test (including remediating vulnerabilities), make sure to communicate this to our pentesters. Any major updates to your asset that you make when the pentest is Live may impact pentesters’ workflows and the testing process.

Launch a Pentest

Sign in to Cobalt, and start with defining your assets. Here are the steps you need to take.

Workflow for creating a pentest

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an organization?
How do I add people to my organization?
What user roles are available?
What is an asset?

Get in Touch

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We process support requests within one business day.

If you find a security issue on the Cobalt platform, please report it to Learn more about our security practices.

Pentest Preparation Checklist

Information needed to set up your pentest.

Sign In to Cobalt

Start the pentest process. Sign in to the Cobalt app.

Define Your Assets

Security professionals perform pentests on your assets. Collect the info they need.

Select the Pentest Type

Start setting up your pentest.

Review Your Asset

Verify asset details.

Set Pentest Requirements

Set requirements for the pentest.

Specify Pentest Details

Describe key details of your pentest.

Plan and Scope the Pentest

Set up a schedule. Scope the pentest.

Review and Submit the Pentest

Review your pentest request.

Pentest Expectations

What happens after you’ve set up your pentest.


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Last modified June.06.2023