Push DAST findings to your ticketing system!

The DAST ticketing integration is currently in Open Beta.


The DAST ticketing integration allows you to push your DAST findings to your ticketing system as soon as vulnerabilities are detected. At this time, the integration supports the following ticketing systems:

  • Jira Cloud
  • GitHub Issues
  • Azure DevOps Boards

How it Works

The DAST ticketing integration uses Cobalt’s Integration Builder to push DAST findings to your ticketing system. The integration builder is a no-code workflow builder that enables you to create highly customizable integrations. We provide integration quickstart templates for the above-mentioned ticketing systems that allow you to get your DAST integration up and running quickly!

Steps to Integrate with Ticketing Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it create duplicate tickets?

Can I route tickets from different targets to different tools or projects?

Can I update a DAST finding from my ticketing tool?

How do I know if a ticket has been created for a finding?


Checkout our general Integration Builder troubleshooting documentation here.

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Last modified July.07.2024