Integrate Azure DevOps with Cobalt

Push Cobalt findings as work items to Azure DevOps.

Integrate with Azure DevOps to create work items for your Cobalt findings and streamline your remediation workflows. The availability of this feature depends on your PtaaS tier.


How it Works

  • Connect your Azure DevOps system to Cobalt and push pentest findings as work items to your team boards.
  • Configure Azure DevOps for each pentest, selecting the Team Project, Work Item Type, and other field mappings for tickets created from findings.
  • When a new finding in the Pending Fix state is reported, a new work item is automatically created in Azure DevOps.


Please be aware of the following considerations when using this integration. We are working to improve the integration and address these limitations.

  • Work items will automatically be created when a finding is moved to Pending Fix state. It is not possible to manually create a work item for a finding.
  • Only one Azure DevOps instance can be connected to a Cobalt Organization at a time.
  • Work items created will not appear in the External Issue References section of the Cobalt findings page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I move a work item to a different ADO project?

Integrate with Azure DevOps

Connect your Azure DevOps environment to your Cobalt Organization in order to use the integration to sync pentest findings as work items.

Push Findings to Azure DevOps

Once you’ve connected your Azure DevOps instance, you can configure pentests to push findings to an ADO Team Project.


Troubleshoot common issues with the Azure DevOps integration.

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Last modified October.10.2023