Cobalt Credits

We offer a flexible consumption model.

A Cobalt credit is a standardized unit of work that represents 8 pentesting hours.

How Cobalt Credits Work

You can think of a Cobalt credit as a virtual voucher that you consume whenever you want to run a pentest. We offer 3 subscription plans, also known as PtaaS tiers, to best suit your budget and testing goals. Learn more about our pricing model.

1 credit = 8 pentesting hours

Cobalt offers a flexible, on-demand consumption model to meet the modern pentesting needs of all security and development teams. We sell credits in annual packages. You can buy credits in advance and use them throughout the year based on your pentesting schedule.

The number of credits needed for a pentest depends on the pentest scope. For more information, see Plan and Scope the Pentest.

View and Track Your Credits

As an Organization Owner or Member, you can view and track credits for your organization. Navigate to the Credits page to see the current balance and analyze how your organization uses credits.

View credits for your organization

Buy More Credits

To buy more credits for your organization, do one of the following:

  • Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or
  • In the Cobalt app, select Add Credits, and confirm your action in the overlay. You can also make a request from the Credits page.

    Buy more credits for your organization

Once you’ve purchased credits, they appear on the Credits page on the start date of your subscription. Credits are not available prior to that date. If you need them earlier, contact your CSM.

Track Your Credits

View and track your credits in the dashboard.

Cobalt PtaaS Tiers

Learn more about our pricing packages, also known as PtaaS tiers.

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Last modified June.06.2023