Pentest Reports

Get a summary of vulnerabilities in your software.

Download a pentest report to view security issues that pentesters found.

You can download a report for a pentest once it’s in Remediation. Report types and their contents differ for each pentest type.

To download a report as a PDF file:

  1. On the pentest page, navigate to Report.
  2. If available, select the report type.
  3. Select Download.

If you’ve purchased an appropriate PtaaS tier, you can customize the contents of some reports.

Pentest Report Types

Report Type Available for Pentest Type Description Customizable
Automated Report Agile A system-generated report for an Agile Pentest intended for internal use. Includes the following sections:
  • Pentester user information
  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
  • Post-Test Remediation
  • Finding Details
Customer Letter Comprehensive, In-House An executive summary of the pentest. May be used as a certificate of completion. Great for external stakeholders. Includes:
  • Executive Summary
  • Methodology
Attestation Report Comprehensive, In-House A report similar to Customer Letter, with additional details:
  • Pentester user information
  • An overall list of findings
Attestation Letter Comprehensive, In-House A one-page report suitable for external stakeholders. Includes the following:
  • Executive Summary
  • An overall findings summary table
Full Report Comprehensive, In-House A report that contains comprehensive information about the pentest. Includes the following sections:
  • Pentester user information
  • Executive Summary, with an overall list of findings
  • Scope of Work
  • Methodology
  • Summary of Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Post-Test Remediation
Full Report + Finding Details Comprehensive, In-House A report that adds details of every test finding to the Full Report. Finding details include:
  • Vulnerability Type
  • Description
  • Proof of Concept
  • Severity
  • Suggested Fix

What's in a Pentest Report

Here’s what you can expect in a Pentest Report.

Customize Your Pentest Report

You may be able to create a customized pentest report.

Co-branded Pentest Reports

Cobalt partners can add their logo to pentest reports.

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Last modified February.02.2024