Pentest States

Describes the status of your pentest.

Learn the meaning of the labels associated with your pentests.

From the moment you’ve started saving a draft of a pentest, we assign a label for that pentest. We’ve set up these definitions as if you’ve set up the pentest through our user interface.

Pentest states

Here’s the meaning of each label:

Label Description
Draft You’ve started the Create a Pentest process. However, you may not have added the information that we need to start work on your pentest.
In Review You’ve submitted the pentest. We’re reviewing your submission. We may have questions for you. This status does not apply to In-House Pentests.
Planned We’ve accepted your proposed pentest. We’ll assign pentesters based on your technology stacks and methodology. You should also have access to a Slack channel dedicated to your pentest.
Live We’ve started working on your pentest. Use the pentest chat channel to communicate directly with your pentesters. When we have questions and discover findings, we’ll share them in the channel.
Paused We’re unable to continue the pentest. You should see a reason in the Slack channel associated with your pentest. This status does not apply to In-House Pentests.
Remediation We’ve completed and shared the results of our pentest, including our vulnerability findings. You can either accept or remediate each vulnerability. Once complete, resubmit your request. We’ll retest your asset.
Closed You may have accepted our findings. Or we’ve retested each of our findings, and cannot reproduce them. We may have not found any vulnerabilities, or you’ve accepted any vulnerabilities that we’ve found.
Cancelled If you no longer need a pentest, you’re always welcome to cancel it. We’ll keep the pentest in our records in case you change your mind.

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Last modified April.04.2023