Integration Builder

The Integration Builder is currently in Open Beta.


The Cobalt Integration Builder is a no-code automation platform which enables customers to create and manage custom integrations (using a library of available connectors) and orchestrate security data workflows directly from the Cobalt platform.

How it Works

The Integration Builder provides a marketplace of available connectors for common business and security applications. Each connector provides a set of triggers and actions, which can be used to perform a set of data functions when an event occurs in the Cobalt platform or external system. Once a customer sets up connections for their DevSecOps applications and tools, they select from a library of pre-built recipes, or create their own recipes, using the triggers and actions enabled by the Cobalt connector and (one or more) other services to construct a workflow between the systems.

Integration Builder workflows are comprised of the following elements:


Triggers determine what event to listen to and execute the actions described in a recipe. Triggers can be set off in real time when an event occurs in the Cobalt platform (ie. when a finding is published) or other apps (ie. Jira ticket is updated), at a specific time, or at a scheduled interval.


Every connector provides a set of actions, which serve as building blocks to construct a workflow recipe.


Automated workflow comprising a trigger and one or more actions to accomplish an integration use case between apps.


The Integration Builder provides a library of connectors for common business and security applications.


Integration Builder connects to apps to build recipes. Once authenticated, each the triggers and actions provided by that app become available to use across recipes. See authentication best practices.

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Last modified July.07.2024